FIDAB-2 Adjustable Bench

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Made with 7-gauge and 11-gauge steel for maximum stability, the FIDAB-2 Adjustable Bench is the latest in the evolution of Get RX’d weight benches. It’s packed with more features than previous versions of adjustable benches. Some of the main features include the ability to store upright to save space, ability to use as a decline bench, ability to add dumbbell holders for seal rows, minimal gap between seat and back pad, and comes with ultra high-density recycled foam padding covered with non-slip covers. Patent Pending


The FIDAB-2 Adjustable Bench is the latest in the evolution of Get RX’d weight benches. Designed for maximum stability, it’s packed with more features than previous versions of adjustable benches. Main features include the ability to store upright to save space, the ability to use as a decline bench with the Leg Roller Attachment, the ability to add Dumbbell Holders for seal rows, a minimal gap between the seat and back pad, and comes with ultra-high-density recycled foam padding covered with non-slip covers.

"I like the Get RX'd FIDAB-2. It has a lot of the same features that some of the competition has at a similar price, but it does have some stuff that it starts to differentiate itself, including a decline mode, a leg roller attachment, the actual handles for dumbbell rows, as well, which I'm a big fan of — and some of the finishes on this are just a little bit nicer by adding in those washers to add that stability to the hook and ladder system. And depending on if you like a firmer pad without still not being too firm, this might have some better options than some of the competition out there."

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Heavy-duty frame

Heavy-Duty Build

We used the same 7-gauge and 11-gauge powder-coated steel throughout the frame as our Get RX'd Builder Rig series to build our most stable benches that are able to withstand loads upwards of 1,000 pounds.

Vertical storage

Upright Storage

The FIDAB-2 Adjustable Bench features built-in support for vertical storage, saving space when not in use. Simply lift the padded pull handle and tilt the bench up to store it vertically. When stored vertically, the bench’s footprint measures only 18" x 20".

7 Back angles

Back Adjustability

Adjust the back pad angle into any of the 7 positions by moving the handle into the desired position, from 0° (flat) to 85° (upright). Angles: 0, 15, 30, 45, 60, 75, 85 degrees.

4 seat angles

Seat Adjustability

Taking adjustability a little further, the seat position can be adjusted by 4 angles for extra comfort at any position: decline, flat, incline, and more incline.

Pad foam density

High-Density Back and Seat Pads

The bench pads are made with ultra-high-density, fully recycled foam that won’t compress and lasts longer. Pad thickness measures 2.6".

Non-slip grip bench pad cover

Non-Slip Grip Surface

An upgraded non-slip cover provides the extra grip you need for heavy bench days.

Optional leg roller attachment

Optional Leg Roller Attachment

An optional Leg Roller Attachment with an easy-to-use adjustable knob adds extra functionality to the already-versatile FIDAB-2 Bench. This attachment makes it possible to perform decline sit-ups, Russian twists, and other exercises that would normally require other accessories or extra floor space.

Optional dumbbell holders

Optional Dumbbell Rack Attachment

Optional Dumbbell Holders allow you to have easy access for seal rows or use to provide an even heavier base for high-angle decline exercises. Sold as a set of two holders.

Nylon spacers located near seat and back pads

Maximum Stability

The addition of nylon spacers at the back and seat pads eliminates virtually all side-to-side wobble.

Oversized back and seat pads

Oversized Back and Seat Pads

The back pad measures 12.5" x 41.7" while the seat pad measures 12.5" wide and tapers to a 9-inch width; both pads measure 2.6" in thickness. A minimal gap between the back and seat pads measures only 1.8" when the bench is in a flat position.

Easy transport handle

Easy Transport

A fixed, stainless steel handle attached to the seat and two transport wheels make the bench easy to tilt and roll away between exercises and for storage.

Metal guards protect the wheels

Wheels with Metal Guards

Two wheels located at the rear of the bench are protected by steel guards to minimize wear from heavy use. These guards also add stability when the bench is stored vertically.

Attention to detail

Attention to Detail

We’ve paid close attention to the details and added nylon protection in the seat and back ladder areas to limit metal-to-metal contact. The back pad handles are protected by urethane. The bench ships in well-protected Styrofoam packaging, making shipping more economical.

Powder coat finish

Powder Coat Finish

The frame is available in 5 powder coat colors: black, blue, red, green, and yellow. Powder coating adds rust resistance.

FIDAB-2 Adjustable Bench Upgrades Compared to Previous Models
- More stable base when the bench is stored vertically while keeping the footprint the same
- Eliminated virtually all back pad wobble
- More stable base overall
- Optional attachments include a Leg Roller Attachment for decline bench conversion and Dumbbell Holder compatibility for assistance with seal rows, as well as adding extra weight for greater stability.

FOOTPRINT 57.7" x 20.2"
BACK PAD 41.7" x 12.5" x 2.6"
BACK PAD ANGLES 7 Angles: 0, 15, 30, 45, 60, 75, 85 degrees
SEAT PAD 11.4" x 12.5" x 2.6"
SEAT/BACK PAD GAP 1.8" in flat position
MISC Patent Pending
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